Information on the illegal suspension of the Issuer’s quotations

Current report 3/2023

The Management Board of Investment Friends Capital SE informs that in connection with the request of a person claiming to be an attorney of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, whose name has not been determined, sent to the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the Issuer’s quotations have been suspended since March 30, 2022. The Issuer informed about this fact in report no.1/2023.

At the same time, answering further questions from the Shareholders, the Issuer’s Management Board presents its position on this matter.

The Issuer believes that due to the ongoing suspension of trading, which meets the requirements of Art. 231 of the Polish Penal Code, persons injured by this suspension have the right to take all steps that will enable the repeal of this unlawful decision. Therefore, the Issuer intends to coordinate activities that will result in the elimination of suspension of the Issuer’s listing and in particular to cover their costs.

Therefore, the Issuer publishes an application template for reconsideration of the case by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, which may be submitted by any person having an interest in this administrative decision _i.e. in particular by Shareholders, persons living together with Shareholders, in the case of companies being Shareholders also by persons being shareholders of these companies_, as well as by anyone who, due to their civic attitude, feels that a decision that violates the legal order in such a blatant way may affect the deterioration of the quality of law in Poland. In order to successfully submit the application, it should be completed and sent by post to the following address: Polish Financial Supervision Authority, ul.Piękna 20, post office box. 419, 00-549 Warsaw.

After sending the application, the Issuer should be contacted at the e-mail address: in order to further coordinate activities, in particular in terms of answering questions from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and appealing against its decisions.

In addition, the Issuer asks the Shareholders and other persons interested in eliminating of suspension of the quotations of the Issuer’s shares to provide the Issuer with any data regarding the employees of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority involved in the decision. In particular, at a later stage of claims for damages, the Issuer will need addresses of residence, earnings, assets of these employees and other persons involved in issuing this unlawful decision. The Issuer ensures anonymity if such information is provided to the Issuer.

At the same time, the Management Board declares that:

– currently no events have occurred that would necessitate the publication of any information, including in particular confidential information and currently no confidential information has been delayed,

– currently, the Issuer is not in any negotiations, no extraordinary events are planned and the Management Board does not expect any such events that would result in the disclosure of confidential information.


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A person representing the Company:
Damian Patrowicz, Member of the Management Board